Adore Aquariums builds and maintains aquariums in the greater Victoria, BC area. We are more than just about fish tanks. We have a true passion for fishes, and the therapeutic and inspirational effects of having a beautiful aquarium in your place of business or environment.

Adore Aquariums uses local talent to create quality tanks and stands, and also strives to find local fish. Our aim is to provide businesses, organizations and venues with a simple, hassle-free system of owning an aquarium. With flat rates, no hidden costs or work for clients, keeping an aquarium is super easy, so you can do what you do best… run your business.

  • Benji Miskuski

    The Fishmeister

    Adore Aquariums is locally owned and operated. We are a community business that strives on sharing our passion and love for fish with our customers. Our aim is to provide the elegance of owning custom built aquariums with a multitude of businesses, organizations and venues at affordable rates. Our low cost flat rates provide owners with the opportunity to own high end aquariums without the worry of maintenance or up keep. Give us a call for a quick, easy, and hassle free estimate. (778)-676-6727

    Benji is our local Fishmeister. His love for fish is contagious. His passion for the industry started at a very young age when he received his first two fish Bert and Ernie. Bert and Ernie provided endless amounts of fun, laughter and smiles for young Benji. This eventually led him to breed, raise and love fish, for the past 10 years, so that others could enjoy the comfort and solace those first two fish brought to Benji’s life.

    Formerly running a group home for adults with developmental disabilities, Benji spent time researching environmental therapies and discovered aquariums to be extremely effective and therapeutic to everyone in the home. Today, he endeavors to extend the benefits of aquariums to business and organizations, so they too can provide a better environment for their customers and employees. Give us a call soon so you to can enjoy the pleasures an aquarium can bring to your local environment.